Mr Doug Dew (Chair)

Doug DewCommittees & Working Parties
Chairman of Hemingford Grey Parish Council
Finance  & Policy Working Group

In May 2014, parishioners of Hemingford Grey elected me as a Parish Councillor.

At the first meeting I was nominated and became Chairman of Hemingford Grey Parish Council as well as being the District Councillor for this ward.  Having served as both St Ives Town and District Councillor and as Mayor of St Ives, it seemed right too now place my interests in the surrounding area that I’ve lived in for 15 years.

Being a local man it is important to me try to assist and advise on issues even if sometimes the answers aren’t always what people are expecting.

I am happily married to Julie and with her have bought up our 2 children, Samantha and Dave.

With any free time I have I am an ardent Northampton Saints supporter and enjoy going to see ‘The Who’ as well as walking and reading.

I look forward to meeting you on my travels.

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